Nuance’s Dragon Search and Dictation apps coming to Turkish App Store

Posted on May 17 2012 - 12:08am by Sabri KUSTUR

It is believed that Nuance’s technology powers Apple’s voice based personal assistant, aka Siri. While Siri serves its abilities to iPhone 4S owners, users of the new iPad have to be contended with the dictation function only. What about the ones having neither iPhone 4S nor the new iPad, but an old iPhone, iPad or iPod touch model?

Well, they can still get benefit from Nuance technology, thanks to company’s Dragon applications. Among them, Dragon Search and Dictation applications are the most important ones, especially for people living in Turkey, and speaking in Turkish. Because those apps are about to come to Turkish App Store with native Turkish language support.

Nuance’s Turkey branch introduced Dragon and Search applications, which are expected to be distributed starting from May 23. Users will get the usual Dragon experince with Turkish interface and language support. The accuracy of converting what you said seems satisfying, in addition the system will improve its Turkish language as more Turkish customers installs those apps to their iOS devices.

Dragon Search and Dictation apps will be free on Turkish App Store. On the other hand, Android app will also get Turkish language support in 4-10 weeks.

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